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The Neighbours Message Board Rules

We require that all new members sign-up to The Neighbours Message Board using an Internet Service Provider e-mail address. Failure to do so will make your registration void.

By signing up to this message board, you have agreed to the rules listed below.

01. After signing up to The Neighbours Message Board and making your first post, a trial period of 30 days will begin. Within this time limit, should any of the below rules be broken, we reserve the right to terminate your membership to the forum immediately, automatically bypassing the normal disciplinary process.

02. Any abusive or offensive posting - for instance, unnecessary verbal attacks on members, "bashing" the cast and crew of Neighbours, or failing to respect the Moderators - will result in a warning. Continual posting in this manner will then result in a temporary ban and, in more serious cases, a permanent ban. We welcome all opinions and constructive criticism. The Moderators will decide what is deemed unacceptable.

03. Personality clashes between members are not suitable for the other posters to witness. If you have a serious problem with another member, either e-mail or PM a Moderator explaining the situation, and we will do our best to resolve it. Do not bring it onto the forum. The moderating of the forum is private. If you find one of your posts on the forum has been deleted, there will not be an explanation. If you think your post was deleted unfairly, contact a Moderator and explain the situation to them privately.

04. We wish for all our members to post using proper spelling, punctuation and grammar. This means no Internet slang, no posting entirely in upper case, and no txt language. Names of people and places should begin with a capital. Failure to follow this simple request will result in a warning. Please remember to keep your posts on topic. If you wish to talk about something which will cause the discussion to go off topic, either post a new thread in General Chat, or PM the member privately.

05. Both The Neighbours Message Board and Neighbours: The Perfect Blend are strictly non-profit making entities. Consequently, we cannot allow blatant advertising of products for sale (Neighbours related or other). Selling certain items - such as old episodes on videotape or DVD - is an illegal copyright infringement. Authorised Neighbours merchandise for purchase may be linked to on the forum. However, we would like to stress that links to these pages will only be permitted if it comes up in natural conversation. Members advertising unauthorised materials, or selling authorised materials through online means such as eBay at a personal gain, will have their posting rights removed.

06. Due to the fact that not all members wish to be aware of future storylines in Neighbours, Neighbours Spoilers is the only place on the board where you are allowed to post spoiler threads about forthcoming storylines. You will need to input the password 'spoilers' to gain access to the forum. If it becomes necessary to post a spoiler elsewhere, please make sure that you use the spoiler tag. To do this, type your spoiler like this: [spoilerX]Lou's daughter returns[/spoilerX] without the 'X' after the word 'spoiler'. This will ensure that members will then see

Spoiler (Highlight to Read):
Lou's daughter returns

instead, giving them the choice to read it or not.

07. You must sign up with a real e-mail address, as this will be used to validate your registration. An ISP (Internet Service Provider) e-mail address needs to be used, or your registration will not be processed.

08. We do not allow images in signatures, as this uses too much bandwidth. If you put an image in your signature, it will be removed by a Moderator. Please make sure that any images you post on the forum are not restricted by copyright. If in doubt, link them from the original website, rather than posting them.

09. The Moderators are here to ensure the smooth running of the board; they have been appointed to enforce the rules of this message board. Continually ignoring a Moderator's instructions could result in a warning or temporary ban.

10. The Neighbours Message Board and Neighbours: The Perfect Blend do not condone or endorse illegal downloads of Neighbours episodes. We therefore cannot allow any websites which promote this activity to be linked, or discussed, on this message board. Any mention of these websites will be removed by a Moderator, and any excessive posting in relation to this topic may result in a Warning or Temporary Ban.

These rules apply to every member - if you can't follow them, we would expect you to withdraw from posting. If you see a member breaking the rules, please let us know privately via PM or e-mail.

Note: 2 Warnings will lead to a Temporary Ban. If rules are still being broken after your Temporary Ban has expired, you will be issued with a Permanent Ban.

Robinson Status

Robinson Status is for members who the Moderators feel have contributed to the quality of the message board since joining. There's no post count requirement - it's our way of saying 'thank you' for being a great member. You will be given access to The Robinson Forum. This special forum will enable you to know of any upcoming features appearing on Neighbours: The Perfect Blend and let you contribute to the website. You will also be allowed custom avatars, a custom member status, and many other advantages that will be forthcoming.

To be eligible you must be nominated by a member of staff for consideration, be over the age of 16, and must not have received any warnings or temporary bans during your time on the forum.

The Moderating Team:
David1979, Edmundo, Kate, Latina, Lucy, Mike, Shamrock, Steve

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